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We, as AYNITEX, are a 100% Peruvian company specialized in garment manufacture & service for babies, children and adults.


We have 10 years in textile industry and we have exported to USA, Germany and Belgium. So, we know all about the high end quality confection demanded globally.


We are a small group of people, but crazy about innovation and  challenges, specially in this industry that we have such big players like China, India, Central America, etc. We know for sure that if we don’t innovate we won’t stay long in the market…. And that’s how we have been doing until now.

What we do

We sample and produce your clothing ideas by researching, organizing, suggesting and testing.

We use exclusive, extra soft & breathable Peruvian PIMA Cotton or the confortable, soft and competitive Peruvian TANGUIS Cotton.

All with the purpose of launching your product as fast as possible in your market!


The idea for us is to be a true partner instead  of a “one-more” supplier and we base that partnership in 03 main points:

*Fluid & sincere communication
*Products according to the customer public target



"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"

Meet some of our Customers
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