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Our regular process for new projects is the following:

1. Knowing each other

Whether by chatting or by a video meeting (Skype, Hangout, etc), the idea is that you get to know us better. We can solve your doubts and suggest you based in our experience. 

3. Sampling process

After you agree on the reference price we start with the sampling process:

Timing:  Depending on the complexity and the design quantities it can take us from  7 to 30 days.

Costs: The regular sample service starts in USD 195.00 but we discount it in case at the end you make us an order.

Delivery:  We send the samples by courrier (Fedex) to your end. Airfreight paid by the sample receival.

Payment:  By Paypal or bank transfer once you have the goods in your hands.

2. Product & Quotation

We take notes of the garment/product required (colors, dimensions, details, raw material, etc). With all this information we can proceed with a quotation. This will allow you to define if the price is ok.

4. Order & Production

Congratulations! now we are partners (long term we hope). 

We receive the "Purchase order" and we begin producction according to a programmed schedule.


It is important to consider for what season are the garments or when you need the goods to launch it!

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